Good to be Green

Since our inception in 1978, GSC Architects has been deeply committed to a greener environment and championing sustainability in all our projects big and small. Each project specifically addresses the unique needs of the client while employing strategies to uplift the site and natural environment, reduce water use, and conserve energy to create better-performing buildings and healthier indoor environments. We strive to bring sustainable building techniques into everything we create: from countless Chase Bank locations to numerous schools and universities across Texas to the 860,000SF LEED Gold certified AMD campus with its distinctive inverted roof forms and monumental rain catcher. The GSC Architects tradition of innovative sustainable design reached new heights this year many exciting projects in Austin, TX. One shining star is the Austin headquarters of ARM Holdings, the world’s leading IP technology firm, which accommodates over 800 employees and celebrates the company’s growth, creative culture and cutting-edge innovation.

GSC Architects is part of the environmental consciousness of the local community. Our commitment to a greener environment is evident in both the sustainable performance in our designs and our dedication to community awareness. We have happily hosted the USGBC Central Texas Chapter in our office for seven years. GSC Architects is a Gold City of Austin Green Business Leader and a USGBC Central Texas Balcones Chapter Game Changer. We are honored to be recognized as a company who accomplished significant things for the movement as a whole, and we continue to uphold that ideal in every project we take on.