Steven Burch RID, CIDQ, IIDA

Principal - Interior Design

Our gregarious new Principal runs the GSC San Antonio office with a vibrant mix of professional experience and passion for connecting with the community. Striving to motivate, encourage and empower his team, Steven Burch leads our San Antonio team on local projects and those working in parallel with our Austin team. As an integral member of the Senior Management Team, Steven brings over 19 years of architecture and interior design experience. Through his leadership, direction, and design expertise, he provides interior design solutions for both large and small commercial clients, all while generating new business opportunities that will enhance company growth.

It’s no mystery where Steven’s professional style came from. The boy who laid on his back to view the world from a different perspective chose to become an interior designer so he could create spaces that encourage function, impact mood, and celebrate their users. Steven is inspired daily to make a difference and impact change; evident in the countless volunteer groups he’s a part of, the professional and charity events that fill his calendar, and his fabulous and philanthropic days as part of Cheer SA.