Joseph Skelton

A talented designer and enigmatic team leader, Joseph is driven by his passion for solving problems: fitting elements together, reconciling contradictions and optimizing spaces. Joseph fully appreciates the multifaceted nature of architecture; and his professional experience ranges from millimeter-precise glass and steel design to collaborative design-build. Joseph spent his first year at GSC managing a multitude of new branch locations and site remodels for Chase bank. Always evolving, Joseph worked on project for LCRA, and assisted on many of GSC’s LEED project efforts, and is now heading up the construction efforts of a new mix of medical office buildings, and commercial building renovations.

Constantly inspired by the 19th Century Victorian House he grew up in, Joseph strives to bring a touch of elegance or unexpected intelligent twist into everything that he does. When he’s not working to make an architectural drawing a reality, has introduced us to some of the coolest things in Austin, including the magical world of the Charles Moore Foundation, brunch at Eberly and the Vieux Carre at Midnight cowboy. Active in the local film and LGBT community Joseph can also sew a shirt, plumb a sink and draw absolutely anything. And then some days he just enjoys a little QT with his divinely fluffy orange tabby, Francis.