Will Dawson

Inspired by visible progress and innovation, Will is an artistic and technically skilled member of our architecture team who is well versed in both commercial and municipal building projects.  Will came to GSC from Houston with a diverse portfolio of residential and education experience, and since arriving in Austin, Will sparked an avid interest in landscape architecture, and loves working with clients to create sustainable outdoor spaces, and looks forward to attending graduate school at UT Austin for landscape Architecture.   In addition to a passion for learning, Will brings clear and concise communication, work-life balance, camaraderie, and a fantastic work ethic to GSC.  He’s always ready to jump in and do what needs to be done to get a project completed correctly an on time.

When he’s not in the office , Will is out enjoying nature – on the lake, on the volleyball court, playing ultimate Frisbee, in an intense yoga pose or volunteering at the LBJ Wildflower Center.  An accomplished and artistic chef himself, Will also enjoys food around town—especially a simple slice of Margarita pizza with a Fireman’s 4 on the Home Slice patio, followed by a cool cucumber gin & tonic at the South Congress Hotel.