Erica Yanez

A powerful creative force with a proven talent for interior design, Erica is responsible for many of GSC’s most editorial commercial, high tech and civic projects. Her complex interiors are achieved through the application of various design elements and grounded in research to resolve any problems encountered. Erica champions both a clear understanding of the client’s vision and all the details necessary to design innovative new spaces that exceed all expectations.

Erica started her professional journey in the criminal justice field, but she soon found her perfect niche in the Interior Design world where she can use her creativity and help people by elevating their quality of life through thoughtful spaces. The complex and colorful spaces Erica creates bring a special joy to our clients’ lives. When she’s not at work, Erica is exploring the great outdoors – hiking, kayaking, or playing in the water. She loves an elegant meal at Geraldine’s as much as a few perfect food truck tacos and knows all the best places on East 6th to grab a delicious cocktail. Although she is currently pet-free, Erica dreams of a pet labradoodle in her future.