Founded in Austin in 1978, GSC Architects maintains a robust headquarters in our hometown as well as second office in San Antonio. Our flexible and multi-talented staff allows us to match the work demands of our clients as we operate as a single company without internal boundaries or profit centers. Our Architectural and Interior Design teams consistently deliver striking buildings and stunning environments on their own, and yet they also work in an elegant synchronicity to create fully cohesive projects in a most timely and economic fashion.

GSC Architects has always been deeply committed to a greener environment and promoting sustainability in all our projects big and small. GSC Architects is also well-known for our LEED design prowess showcased by endless LEED accredited projects and a substantial population of LEED accredited professionals on staff every day. We have such a strong affiliation with the USGBC that we have hosted the USGBC Central Texas Chapter in our office for seven years.