Maruchan Food Processing Plant

GSC Architects February 8, 2016

The Maruchan Food Processing Plant is a food manufacturing facility for an international client and delivered via a Design-Build contract with an international contractor. The main building is a 520,000 square foot facility comprised of plant production space, high-bay warehouse, corporate offices and shipping offices.

The 61 acre site outside of San Antonio, Texas was designed to equip the facility with the most efficient path for receiving mass quantities of raw materials by multiple modes of delivery, and facilitating continual truck shipping, as well as 24-hour personnel operations.

The facility is equipped with an on-site waste water pretreatment facility that recycles and cleans process water to be reused for landscape irrigation. The building is sited to allow for expansion of the warehouse to the north and the addition of parking spaces, and semi-trailer docks and staging.



Size: 520,000 sf

Services Provided: Planning/Programming, Architectural and Interior Design, Construction Administration