LISD Technology Center

GSC Architects February 4, 2016


The Leander ISD Technology Center was the first new facility of its kind in Leander, a central hub that is the life source of the district. Due to the significance of the equipment within the building, these facilities are based on worst-case scenarios; therefore, parts of the Technology Center have been designed to withstand tornado force winds, allowing not only the vital equipment to continue powering the district, but also providing a command center for faculty to continue operations. In addition to the structural integrity of the facility, a high degree of security dictated the designing of corridors and access points, allowing authorized personnel to move easily through the building. Conference centers were designed to serve the faculty and the larger needs of the district, allowing district interaction to become part of the facility in a way that is both secure and controlled.

The project successfully integrated various departments into a single facility, strategically planning the spaces to maximize the function of each. Due to the new facility, important Leander ISD data is preserved from natural disaster.

The center can be used as Emergency Command Center by the local fire, police and EMS departments. It also was designed to feature meeting rooms for community events.


Client: Leander Independent School District

Size: 27,500 sf new construction

Services Provided:
Planning/Programming, Architectural Design, Construction Administration, Interior Design