GSC Architects Austin

GSC Architects February 8, 2016


GSC Architects recently went through a re-branding process, greatly influencing the design of our new office space. Our mission to create built environments to cultivate community was integrated in every aspect of design, from the floor plan design to the finishes. The design team used the branding information to create community “pockets” and open conference rooms where the sharing of information and interaction between co-workers was strongly encouraged. The design efforts were not without schedule challenges. GSC worked with the General Contractor to establish a strict two-week forecast so we could anticipate what architectural decisions needed to be made to offset any unforeseen delays. GSC Architects worked with Shelton KellerGroup (SKG) to reuse our existing workstations in the new office space. SKG inventoried existing parts/pieces and developed a new parts list for purchasing. SKG moved all of our existing workstations and some private offices to the new location. GSC coordinated with SKG, MEP, and tel/data subcontractors to ensure appropriate wiring was planned for all open workstations. No floor cores were drilled to support workstations. All connections were pulled from ceiling, down through anchor walls.


Client: GSC

Size: 16,700 sf renovation

Services Provided: Planning/Programming, Architectural and Interior Design, Construction Administration