GSC Architects October 17, 2018


Working closely with Eightfold development, GSC Architects is helping transform the old Motorola campus into a wellness-centered oasis of office, retail space and amenity space. The Eightfold Campus consists of 109.65 acres, zoned light industrial, plus 16 acres under development for multi-family living. The campus will provide ample parking, including two multi-level parking structures to be expanded for use as extra parking.

Buildings F, H and J are being converted from existing 2-story structures into 4-story buildings with full curtainwall exteriors.  Construction has commenced on these three buildings totaling 342,708 SF and scheduled to be released late 2019.  Eightfold recently acquired an amendment allowing the buildings grow well above the original 4-story restriction.  This will accommodate an even larger development and open up a while new realm of possibilities for the campus.  We are thrilled to see buildings F. H, and J underway, and are excited to be part of the further transformation of this massive campus.


Client: Panache, USA

Size: 380,000 SF

Services Provided: Architectural Design, Interior Design, Renderings, Construction Documents, Finish Selections