Campus at the Arboretum

GSC Architects February 7, 2016

The Campus @ Arboretum is a 315,000 SF campus renovation of the five existing office buildings. The main goal of this project was to update the existing lobbies and building standards with an emphasis on energy efficiency, clean modern materials and the unification of the campus aesthetics. The existing lobbies in each building are typically long and narrow with Texas red granite floors and mahogany doors, creating dark spaces. By preserving the existing shape of the lobbies we are able to streamline and modernize each, while being minimally invasive. Updating the existing lighting to more efficient, higher output LED lighting allowed us to highlight finishes and brighten the overall space. Building I is unique in that it houses an interior atrium in which the main focal point is now a modern glass and walnut structural stair. Lastly, Building I, IV and V each have two-story atriums at their main entrance. The addition of large scale sculptural pendant lighting and two story colorful tapestries created a new overall feeling for each space.


Size: 315,000 sf renovation

Services Provided: Planning/Programming, Construction Documents, Architectural and Interior Design, FF&E, Construction Administration