Arm IoT Showroom + Office Space

GSC Architects June 25, 2019


The Austin headquarters of the world’s leading IP technology firm accommodates over 800 employees to support the company’s growth, creative culture and cutting-edge innovation.  Satisfying and surpassing all office needs across multiple buildings, the newest space celebrates its Internet of Things group with Arm’s FIRST EVER world class IoT Showroom in Austin, Texas.

The IoT Showroom is an open and innovative space full of technical abilities.  Switchable glass along the interior storefront as well as the glass door of the conference room, creates open aesthetic and also provides a secure private space.  Inspired by microchip technology, the design also pays homage to the company’s humble beginning in a converted barn in Cambridge, UK.  Modern lines mix with natural elements and numerous unique and innovative sustainable features.  Extending the overall design concept mimicing the sleek lines on integrated circuits and computer chips, an 8-foot-tall magnetic vertical display wall is the star of the showroom.    Floating shelves and horizontal benching provide additional clean, effective, completely interchangeable solutions for product displays. The server room resides in the center of the showroom in a separate protected space with its own independent HVAC unit for temperature/ ventilation control.

The new office meets all the group’s workspace needs with open collaborative environments, excellent acoustics, integration of the latest technology and playful features that exude a fun work-life balance.  Since the original 102,000 SF LEED Gold Arm project, GSC Architects has designed Floor 2 Arm, 20,000 SF and Floor 1 Arm, 24,000 SF.  Each project is LEEDv4 registered.



Client: Arm

Size:  24,000 SF

Services Provided: Programming, Architectural and Interior Design, Construction Documents, Permitting, Construction Administration

Photographs: Impressive Spaces