AMD Lonestar Campus

GSC Architects February 7, 2016


When the global technology company Advanced Micro Devices decided to build a new corporate campus to consolidate its Austin-based design and administrative functions, it selected GSC Architects to program, plan and design its 59 acre campus site, buildings and interiors. Seeking to capture the essence of the Hill Country in progressive forms befitting a leading technology company, the design reflects a deep commitment to sustainability while providing AMD with an exceptional workplace benefiting both employees and the environment.

Designed as a series of inward-facing, interconnected and inter-dependent buildings, this corporate campus was envisioned to be emblematic of AMD’s commitment to the environment. While the buildings highlight solar specific facades, the most compelling design statement is the inverted roof form, replicated throughout the campus. Visually striking, the roof plays an important role in rainwater collection; a component of having achieved LEED Gold certification.  The collected rainwater is held in a 1.5 million gallon underground tank serving as the dominant storm water detention system and minimizing the disturbed area. This water is used to supply the cooling towers and fulfills irrigation requirements for the native landscape. GSC’s design of this campus represents a sincere pledge to sustainability, forward thinking, and AMD’s commitment to their workforce.

Innovative floor plans provide efficient, collaborative open offices supported by huddle rooms for optional privacy. A raised access floor for air and power, coupled with modular workstations, provides flexibility and greatly reduces ongoing costs associated with rearranging spaces.


Client: Advanced Micro Devices

Size: 875,000 sf new construction


Underground rainwater collection tank

Site re-vegetated with original native plants

Raised access floor

Services Provided: Planning/Programming, Construction Documents, Architectural and Interior Design, FF&E, Construction Administration

Certification: LEED Gold