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Doing The Most Good

GSC Architects Latest News June 6, 2019 Leave a reply

We spent a special morning in the very best company at the ribbon cutting for the new Salvation Army Rathgeber Center. It was a pure joy listening to our city officials and Salvation Army brass talk about the safe haven and inspiration this facility will provide for Austin’s women and children in need. We are so proud to be part of the great Austin community who poured their heart and soul into the project to help the amazing folks at Salvation Army make an extraordinary new place.

High Tech + Natural Beauty

GSC Architects Latest News January 17, 2019 Leave a reply

The innovative new office floor and stunning IoT showroom for our favorite technology firm are finally complete! It is such a joy to work with clients who champion forward-thinking architecture and interior design. We tagged along with our favorite photographer Alex Tice Gray of Impressive Spaces to capture it all in photos, and can’t wait to showcase this project!

Austin’s New Research Park

GSC Architects Latest News December 27, 2018 Leave a reply

Creating inspiring spaces inside and out!

With its striking combination of expansive oak trees, modern design and rich textural landscape, the newly designed Research Park calls to tenants in the surrounding buildings to come enjoy the great outdoors.  Pairing perfectly with the way Austin works and plays, the courtyard offers multiple workstations with USB and power capabilities, a massive shade structure for all sorts of gatherings, an endless array outdoor seating options, a sturdy ping pong table and or course, a designated food truck zone.

Happy 40th Anniversary GSC!!

GSC Architects Latest News August 2, 2018 Leave a reply

Founded in Austin 1978, under the name Graeber, Simmons & Cowan, GSC Architects is currently celebrating 40 years in business.  We are proud to be a prominent member of the Central Texas community and as always deeply committed to enhancing and elevating built environments.  We look forward to celebrating this landmark anniversary all year long!

Garza Ranch Groundbreaking

GSC Architects Latest News July 11, 2018 Leave a reply

Many GSC Architects team members were on site at the SHI\Garza Ranch ground breaking ceremony on Tuesday July 11, 2018.  This 4-story, 250,000 SF structure will feature a first-floor patio and a 4500 SF outdoor terrace on Level 4 with stellar views of the Barton Creek Greenbelt.  SHI/Garza is adjacent to the Violet Crown Trail, a 30-mile recreational experience, connecting downtown Austin to Hays County.  We are all so excited to see this project come to life!


GSC Architects Latest News February 28, 2017 Leave a reply


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