Texas School for the Blind | Visually Impaired

GSC Architects February 7, 2016 Leave a reply

The Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, serving K-12 students, is revitalizing their 1916 campus. The renovation is crucial to the connectivity of the campus, blending generations of unique buildings into a cohesive visual language.

Throughout the design process, GSC Architects studied the visual effectiveness of certain color combinations, exaggerated the contrast of interior colors, and was strategic with the location of visual boundaries such as dark flooring surfaces which allow the students to identify changes in spatial composition. The use of bright and contrasting colors aid the students in discerning shapes and patterns, and was a significant tool in designing a campus-wide wayfinding system. GSC extended the wayfinding system throughout the campus by the changing of materials at campus walking paths, allowing the students to detect change of direction and crossing points without the use of visuals.

With these new renovations, all areas are fully accessible, allowing the student community to expand to all areas of the campus.


Client: Texas Facilities Commission

Size: Stage I: 118,386 sf renovation     Stage II: 169,650 sf renovation

Services Provided:
Planning/Programming, Architectural Design, Interior Design, Furniture Selection, Equipment Selection, Construction Administration

Awards:  2011 Austin Business Journal’s Best in Real Estate – Best Government Project



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