Sun City

GSC Architects February 8, 2016

Sun City Kumagaya     Tokyo, Japan

 Kumagaya’s two long, 5-story buildings connected by a circular core, presented a unique challenge for the design team. A central information pavilion, a park-like colonnade with tall trees and benches, a chapel, a marketplace with flower shops, retail shops, and vendor carts, a terrace with umbrella tables and an art gallery were designed to provide residents with varied opportunities for social interaction, shopping, and strolling. The innovative solution created a village atmosphere that delighted the client with it’s unique marketing opportunities.

Sun City Kumagaya continued to move the trend of high end senior living forward in Japan. This particular project targeted the assisted living market and was associated with a new independent living building being designed concurrently. The challenge for GSC was to not diminish the luxurious experience, found in the independent living building, for the residents of the assisted living building. Nothing about this project would suggest stepping down, but aimed to uplift the values of Continued Care. GSC carefully edited and incorporated elements of the “full blown” design to a proper scale for these residents. The Common and Amenity spaces still supported a lifestyle with dignity and elegance, but also provided similar detailing worthy of a four or five star resort.


Sun City Machida     Tokyo, Japan

Sun City Machida represents an overt effort to bring Western concepts of senior independence to a Japanese culture dominated with history of seniors staying with family members. As the financial dynamics of the Japanese infrastructure changed, many families and seniors found that Western style mid-rise apartment buildings provided a unique and enticing alternative. The project exudes elegance and sophistication worthy of honoring the senior population. Common and amenity spaces are comprised of many custom elements and features while blending the future of senior living with nods to the past. Custom elements abound in the project but are all geared to accommodate and surpass the needs and expectations of the residents and their families.



Size: 69,000 sf renovation

Services Provided: Planning/Programming, Interior Design, FF&E, Construction Administration